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Recommended Hole Size mm - in:
127 – 254 / 5 - 10

Bit Loading capacity kg - lbs:
19 958 - 44 000

Air compressor standard - High pressure:
30.3 m?/min @ 24,1 Bar - 1 070 cfm @ 350 psi

CAT C15 Tier IV Final

Power unit kW - hp @ rpm:
433 - 580 @ 1 800


About REICHdrill

Founded in 1948, REICHdrill developed the first hydraulic top-drive rotary drill. Its a small company, whose philosophy is to continue to build a high-quality piece of equipment at a fair price for the markets they serve. All Rigs are built to order in Phillipsburg, PA. The company’s assembly area has a high ceiling allowing drill rigs to be completely manufactured and assembled with the mast in a raised position so that all drill components can be fitted, mated and tested . All final assembly of the rotary head, compressor control system, cab electronics and so on takes place here as well. They build everything to order in-house and from scratch including the mast and main frame to which the components are mounted. The fuel tanks, the dust collection system, the hydraulic tanks are all manufactured in-house. Raw steel comes in, is burned on the cutting table or cut on a saw, and built to REICHDrill’s specifications. The company uses high-quality open loop hydraulic systems that are easy to diagnose and diesel engine components from suppliers the company has used for more than 30 years. Because they produce a simple operational-type drill, in many cases, troubleshooting can be performed by REICHdrill technicians over the phone while the drill is operating in the field.

About REICHdrill